Wedding Suggestions For South African Ladies

Dresses Made By Vividress & 2018 New Design Release

Dresses Made By Vividress & 2018 New Design Release

Good day ladies, Please have a look at some dresses we made before for reference,       Vividress also have some dresses in stock, welcome your enquiry. And recently Vividress has just released some new designs of dresses, please check videos on Hope you will like these gowns, do not hesitate to contact us […]

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Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably something of what lies at most at future brides list. It just means so much that you find the wedding dress that emphasizes your personality best, makes you feel as beautiful as possible, which is also comfortable to wear. But when one starts when you have never looked […]

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Art In Wedding

Mette Frich Mathiesen lives in London with his girlfriend, and has recently started a super cool concept called No White Walls. The project is, as its name indicates, to get Africans to give and ask for more art. They work with eight of the most exciting and renowned galleries, which together provide access to over […]

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Get Proven Your Days Free

There are not many who are in doubt that they will have documented their wedding by a photographer. But images perpetuates only a few moments – what about the mood, the laughter, the tears, and everything in between? More and more people today made wedding film by professional videographers, as they are called, just to […]

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The American Dream

Sarah Seven is already a household name in the circles where wedding dresses would be slightly different. Since 2009, the designer Sarah made wedding dresses that are both dreamy and urban expression. Sarah Seven negotiated not in South Africa, but if you see something you like, then print some pictures of it, and take it […]

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Seductive French On Your Wedding Day

French Donatella Godart has completely stolen our hearts. Once you’ve seen her 2017 collection, which by the way is only her second wedding dress collection, so there will always be a before and an after. As soon as you nestle in one of her dresses, which, incidentally, is made of the hottest materials, you are […]

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Guide To The Difficult Guest List

One of the most important to one’s wedding is of course the guests. It is they who provide the day content and meaning, and with them that you are celebrating your love – this, of course, both family and friends. But to find out exactly who is going with, might be a little difficult exercise. […]

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Suzanne Harward Launches Online Store

Suzanne Harward is one of the biggest wedding dress brands from Australia, which has existed since 1975. The designer is able to renew itself time and time again, with the result that it is one of the most coveted brands in the international arena. Because Suzanne Harward has maintained that each dress is hand-made in […]

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Some Of The Best Wedding Photographers

We would argue that one of the most important things you can invest in for her wedding, is a photographer. We hear again and again that people were really happy that they chose a talented wedding photographer and gave a good amount of money for it. It is so annoying to a halt after her […]

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A Good Conversation

28-year-old Frederik Svinth is idemageren behind conversation game Talk, which helps people to start good conversations. He graduated chaos pilot and with his wife Helene at 10 years. For him, the nerve of a couple moments of presence. Hear him share her experiences with having good conversations and why it is important. What is Talk […]

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