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Different and Unique Wedding Dresses
Welcome to a wedding universe filled with beautiful designer wedding dresses. The diverse selection is inspired by bohemian and vintage style and I love details like deep back, French lace and especially light silk gowns. With Vividress you can find more detailed wedding gowns. All of these gowns have one point in common that they are unique and different.
Our Passion
Maybe you are not the type of girl who has been dreaming of every detail for wedding, or have not thought about what dress you would wear or what theme that would dominate the party. Perhaps that is also why it is so important for us to give brides the opportunity to personalize their wedding as much as possible. It must be possible to choose a dress that stands out from the crowd.

About Vivi Dress South Africa

It seems to be lacking a complement to the existing bridal shops. Vividress is a place that is inspiring, quiet and above all, a place where the dress does not like all the others.
Three tips for when you need to buy your wedding dress
Be in good time
If you are not pressed for time, there is much less risk that you end up with an overly expensive dress or a compromise. And far better to feel after trying different wedding dresses several times and end up with the right choice.
Prepare yourself
Seek inspiration in various bridal magazines and on the web shop like Vividress. You can see useful tips on wedding gowns here. Once you know what's out there, it is easier to decide what you're looking for.
Be YOU on your wedding day
Choose a dress that is YOU. If your style is bohemian, do not choose a big princess robe. If your style is covered, so stay away from a dramatic deep cut. Your future husband is in love with YOU, and he will stare at you on wedding day.
Follow Vividress while planning wedding
All brides love inspiration when planning the wedding. Wherever you live, Pretoria or Johannesburg, you can follow Vivi Dress South Africa and get tips on bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, decoration, wedding menu, bride makeup and everything else.
Happy Wedding Planning!