About us

Vividress South Africa - princess's world
Please be aware of that we are Vividress.co.za.
NOT vividress.co.uk NOT vividress.com, we are not the same companies.
I believe that every girl is a princess at heart ...
Perhaps you are not and feel like a princess everyday; when the alarm clock goes off too early in the morning, traffic driller and the PC goes down just the day you forget to save the file along the way, it can sometimes be a little difficult to break into song as another princess from Disney's world.
Nevertheless, I believe (and see it every day), when we clothe ourselves silk and taffeta, tulle and lace, crystals and pearls, so skip the princess in us anyway forward.
For that you can really feel like a princess, there must of course be one that helps attire, and in my opinion, is no better at it than a designer or a tailor who subsequently straightens and sew the dress suit perfect.
Even if you are a princess, it is not certain that you own half of a kingdom (or has a father who owns a whole), and whether you are a student or get the biggest director's salary, we have dresses that fit wallet. And we have both dresses with or without lace and pearls, the slender and large shower, and I'm sure that here you can find just your dream dress among the hundreds of dresses hanging in the shop.
We have no speaking mouse, but we have lots of pink fizz, and I am sure that you will probably feel like a fairytale princess at Vividress. I look forward to welcoming you in dreams and fairy tales the world here.